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The rapid acceleration of digital sales & marketing trends has shifted consumer behaviors across industries, amplifying the number of complexities within digital platforms for businesses. These changes impact the way consumers are willing to do business, creating a need for new digital systems that can adapt to market changes in order to deliver a superior customer experience.

Unfortunately, traditional sales and marketing solutions are not fully integratable end-to-end solutions that allow businesses to retain revenue-focused data about their audiences at different parts in the customer journey. Further, existing solutions fail to translate data into automated actionable insights.

Thus, WinnowPro is born.

WinnowPro is a technology company focused on providing automated digital retailing solutions that are dedicated to improving business profitability. Through the strategic balance of human expertise with team members from Google and Facebook, and uniquely crafted technologies, including the use of Artificial Intelligence, WinnowPro has adopted the methodologies to consistently produce digital solutions that provide businesses with (1) competitive edge, (2) greater profitability, and (3) more satisfied customers.

As the WinnowPro Digitally Essentials collection continues to expand, we are proud to announce our most recent release of the 'Competitive Intelligence Reporting Tool' - watch the video below to learn more.

Industry awards & partnerships

CIO review award for "Most Promising Google Marketing Company" for WinnowPro

"Most Promising Google Marketing Company of 2020"

A leading technology magazine, CIOReview, named WinnowPro as the 'Top Company for Most Promising Google Marketing Companies of 2020.' WinnowPro was also recently featured in CIOReview magazine for its innovative Competitive Intelligence Reporting Tool.

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