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Hire the Digital Marketing Experts in Education

The education industry has seen significant transformation accelerated by the pandemic. This wave has fueled many new companies with diverse education models to compete with the more traditional institutions creating a highly competitive environment. 

WinnowPro works with some of the most transformational organizations in the after-school programs space to help build awareness and credibility to drive leads and sales. Learn more about how we excel in the education industry below.

Special offer for Bricks 4 Kidz Franchisees

WinnowPro has partnered with Bricks 4 Kidz to offer Bricks 4 Kidz franchise owners special, deeply discounted, digital marketing packages to effectively promote their franchise on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Contact us to learn more and see which package is best for your franchise location.

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Digital Marketing Is Changing the Education Industry

The education industry has changed significantly in the past couple of years. From an early age, children are exposed to multiple learning modes and mediums, and Educational organizations need to be available across these mediums to be visible and to garner attention.

It’s time to invest in digital marketing. It is because the schools’ target audience is exposed to technology now more than ever.

It’s safe to say that digital marketing is and will never be a dying trend, especially to after-school STEM educational institutions.

benefits of digital marketing in the education industry:

Whether your website or social media platform is for brand awareness, enrollment, or audience expansion, online marketing will help spread your branding more extensively, while avoiding wasting your resources and ad budget on out-of-your-reach areas.

Investing in social media digital marketing campaigns, for example, is cost-effective and controllable. Plus, the different online marketing tools can help leverage each campaign for more conversions at lesser costs.

The disadvantage of traditional marketing is that there is no personal touch in the way it communicates with the target audience. On the contrary, you can take advantage of digital marketing’s data-driven strategy to personalize each advertising campaign.

TV ads can get significant screen time in vast geographical locations. Digital marketing can also do this at more affordable costs. A feature like geotagging can allow smaller, local education establishments to precisely target their audience without spiking up their ad spend. This will also allow interested prospects to do the “next step” in your marketing campaign to convert them into your actual clients.

Although one-on-one communication is always better, some school students cannot explicitly express themselves. Online marketing in the education industry also means boosting social media presence to efficiently reach out to your target audience in a way physical interactions can’t.

Using many advanced tracking and analytics tools, you can set your objectives and modify ad campaigns if they’re not favorable. This way, you can cut the losses and save ad campaign budget for other outperforming marketing campaigns. This method is exceptionally beneficial for those off-season months in the education industry. Then when it’s time to boost marketing efforts in time for the new enrollment season, you can take advantage of the “retargeting” feature in most online marketing tools and platforms. This way, you can pitch your programs to parents who have shown interest based on their engagement activities.


Spreading your word “out there” is not the effective approach for local educational programs anymore. When your budgets and competition are tight, showing your message to people residing in your area is the key to success!

Many traditional online marketing channels and ad forms that work for nationwide institutions may not be effective at all when targeting your hyper-focused local audience. Note that remarketing plays a vital role here!

Showing attractive messages and ads in front of your perfect audience prospects is only half of the results you are aiming for. Your anonymous visitor must be “hooked” with your offer, convinced enough to make the final step and become a qualified lead!



Having a solid higher education marketing strategy can boost enrollment or application rates, as proven by WinnowPro, one of the most technologically advanced and digitally savvy experts, focusing on Education Industry for the last number of years, with for over 20 years of our staff combined digital marketing and advertising experience in the sector. We know all the inside-outs of both education sector and hyper-local interactive technologies, which allows us to tackle and resolve all the marketing and lead generation challenges your business may have, without risking your limited budget, time and resources. Think of us as your fully-committed Digital Marketing partner whom you can entrust both strategy and implementation, short and long-term alike.

Here are the marketing services WinnowPro can offer your organization:

Search Engine Marketing

Increase your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website by bidding on the most relevant keywords for your Programs and Events. WinnowPro can also provide competitive insights on your competitors and their marketing strategies. The benefit of online advertising like SEM is we can track a customer's journey to provide details on what is needed to make adjustments to turn every dollar spent into new customers who pay for your product and services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) reaches customers where they spend the most time online. 80% of consumers' buying decisions are influenced by a brand's social presence online. Creating engaging content that moves people to connect and engage with your brand is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. If you want to engage with your current or future audience SMM is the way to go.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email is still one of the least expensive ways to advertise and promote your brand and products/services online. SMS promotional texts are opened and read at 97%. If you want to be able to engage, connect, and convert customers by always staying front of mind then Email & SMS is the way to do this.

Geofencing Marketing

Optimize your advertising dollars with precise location targeting. WinnowPro's geofencing marketing identifies the best radius for users in the market for healthcare services that are closest to your practice.

Traditional Marketing

Fill up your sales funnel with proven traditional marketing. WinnowPro can design, prepare and send personalized postcards, flyers, brochures and other printed marketing materials straight to your local prospects’ mailboxes.

Retargeting Marketing

Stay top-of-mind for potential customers with laser-pointed retargeting ads span across various devices, platforms & formats to convert online visitors into your clients when the timing is right for them.


Bricks4Kidz is one of the most innovative after-school STEM programs in the US. While Bricks4Kidz was running google campaigns, their campaigns either were not generating calls, or the ones that did were at a very high CPA. The Winnow campaign started in Q3 2022 increased the CTR to 5.92% compared to 1.27% in earlier campaigns. Ultimately, at the end of just two months, the campaign saw an increase in calls from search with a 300% reduction in cost per acquisition. The Facebook campaign for Bricks4Kidz Dubai was also very successful, and all their Summer Camp slots were filled ahead of time. We had to pause the campaigns as we maximized the goals.

A leading complete leadership development platform helps to train leadership skills that focus on learning for driving behavioral and mindset shifts that are designed to last. However, finding and retaining customers for their courses proved to be a different challenge completely. After listening to the brand's vision, what it has to offer, how it is different from other leadership courses in the market and whom it can benefit from taking this course. WinnowPro curated a holistic pilot paid strategy with key focus areas and groups on 2 different platforms after analyzing current market trends, marketing targeting across platforms in the most cost-effective manner, Instagram and LinkedIn targeting people based on their professional summary on LinkedIn and Interest and behavior on Instagram.

Our commitment to education

There is no doubt that online marketing is paving the way for all educational institutions across the United States. Through carefully executed digital marketing campaigns, like the ones we offer to you now, the education industry will undeniably see digital advancements in the coming years.

"Unlocking the creative potential of a population lies in access to comprehensive and early education. The advent of programs augmenting standard available school programs has long contributed to the development of superior talent. This is why, with the reliance on human talent and advanced technologies, WinnowPro has developed a unique approach to help companies offering quality education programs (in and after school) reach parents seeking such programs." - David Saedi, CEO, WinnowPro Technologies.

David has over 25 years' experience in leading companies who have developed worldwide educational and certification programs in partnership with technology players including Microsoft, CompTIA, ETS and others.

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