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Our Dental team is experienced in growing the businesses of more than 150 dental practices across the United States. We understand the requirements of each practice and have comprehensive strategies in place, ensuring increased visibility and appointments for the practice.

We execute a 360 degree digital marketing plan for your practice. Right from reviewing the website, optimizing the calls to actions, setting up conversion goals on the site so as to ensure complete traceability of every dollar spent. We cleanup your social presence to ensure uniform messaging across platforms and, most importantly, use our expertise in the industry to create winning ad strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.


On an average 32% of all dental spend happens out of pocket, 3x the healthcare average, this drives users to search for better options online.

Patient attrition for a Dental Clinic stands at about 17%, this means that a practice needs to gain 24-50 new patients every month just to keep up with the attrition.

WHy winnowpro

We aren’t just an agency, we create our marketing strategy around the data from our Digital first product suite, Including a Digital retail tool and a competitive indexing tool which gives us access to data that isn't available to anyone else.



Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the easiest way to get to the first page of Google search. There are over 3.5 billion searches a day and over 49% of users now search for a new service, product or business online. We ensure that our targeted advertising strategies highlight your business to potential audiences and drive more traffic to your page. Google statistics show that you get $2 in revenue for every dollar you spend on PPC advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Upto 45% of patients choose a practice based on recommendations on social media and more than 95% of the patients consider online reviews while choosing a practice. Our social media management services include content creation, social profile management and reputation Management to ensure your brand is always projected in a positive light.


In the long term, SEO is one of the most important tools in your marketing strategy. A robust SEO process will keep your website at the top of search results consistently and drive traffic to your practice. Over 95% of patients will choose a practice that is at the top of search results. Patients also prefer local practices over practices further away and our Local SEO services ensure you rank higher in the Google Local packs and Map search results.

Geofencing Marketing

Optimize your advertising dollars with precise location targeting. WinnowPro's geofencing marketing identifies the best radius for users in market for dental services that are closest to your practice.

Retargeting Marketing

Stay top-of-mind with potential customers with retargeting ads. WinnowPro's retargeting strategies span across various devices, ad platforms, and formats to convert consumers when the timing is right for them.

82.8% of patients will use a search engine to find a dental provider. So it's no surprise that more and more of the dental marketing dollars are spent on digital mediums.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's required during sign up?

Our sign up process is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your business and have a credit card ready.

3. What's required during the onboarding process?

After sign up, you will schedule a call with your dedicated account manager to go over the onboarding process in more detail. They will ensure that onboarding is a hassle-free experience for you and your team.
What to expect in month one.

2. What advertising platforms do you use?

After managing hundreds of paid campaigns, we've determined the best ad platforms for our Partner Practices are on Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook

4. How do you Effectively market a dental practice online?

The Dental industry has always counted on referrals to draw-in new customers. A stellar reputation goes a long way in ensuring a lifelong customer. Today, Online reviews are as much impactful as a referral when deciding on a new provider.  A successful Dental marketing strategy will dedicate time to driving customers towards online reviews, Improving the volume of positive reviews  and  improve the brand recall of your practice.

Beyond reviews, it is important to show up within the search engine results. WinnowPro can help determine the keywords that your website should be optimized for in order to lure in potential patients. Practices have spend a lot of money in direct branding techniques like hoardings and fliers. The same logic should apply to ensuring customers can find your practice on their mobile devices. With SEO being the long game, paid search needs to be a constant in a successful online marketing strategy. We can help you determine the keywords you need to bid on to outperform your competition.

By providing transparent insights, your practice will be able to see the changes and the impact of our campaigns 24x7 on a easy to read dashboard. This will help ensure that your marketing efforts are targeted at an audience that is actually interested in your services. When marketing dollars are targeted effectively, the sky's the limit for your practice’s growth.

5. How Much Should You Spend on Digital Marketing?

One of the biggest assets of WinnowPro is that it shows you how much money your competitors are spending on their digital marketing. It is not always a matter of matching them dollar for dollar. It is more important to eliminate foolish spending. If dental marketing is done effectively, spending can be ramped up over time to reflect the growth of your business. With that being said, our insights will help your practice tailor the budget towards the most effective outlets. With real-time reporting, marketing spend can be turned up or down based solely on lead and conversion volumes.

6. How can you drive more appointments for my practice?

Our strategy evolves with your business and the market trends. Our proprietary competitive intelligence tool provides insights that help dictate where your marketing dollars are best spent. They also show you what type of response your ads are receiving. Sometimes something as simple as testing one call-to-action vs. another on a landing page can have a significant impact on appointments. Sometimes developing a social media strategy that finds your targeted customers where they spend the majority of their time online will lead to significant gains. Sometimes a paid search strategy will find a sweet spot that brings people, sometimes its promotion of special offers that drive in more appointments. While the target may be moving, our technology helps your practice adapt to the needs of the moment.

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