Agency Partnership: Escape Room

At WinnowPro, we choose strategic partnerships with other agencies that allow us to synergize our expertise and provide even greater results for our clients. That’s how we came to service a popular escape room in North Carolina. Our partner agency, McPherson Marketing Group (MMG), called us one day to ask if we could work with their client on improving the business’s Google paid advertising to increase the number of scheduled escape room appointments.

The client was struggling at optimizing their return on ad spend (ROAS), constantly losing money on their campaigns. WinnowPro was tasked at figuring out how to flip their returns to bring in positive ROAS and improve their overall advertising performance. 

After spending time with the client to understand their needs and long-term vision, our team approached the issues with advanced advertising management techniques. Using new strategies for consumer targeting, creative design, and campaign tracking and analytics, WinnowPro’s solutions led to a significant positive growth in just 30 days. We increased the advertising revenue by 180% while simultaneously decreasing the cost by 150%. 

Among the other results we produced were:

  • Decreased bounce rate on Google Ads from 60.11% to 14.23%
  • Decreased cost-per-click on Google Ads from $2.54 to $0.84
  • Increased new users to the website by 136% 
  • Increased website page views from 12,524 to 18,922

After working with WinnowPro’s team of subject-matter experts, the escape room was able to turn its weak digital marketing strategy into a competitive advantage that builds brand awareness through an effective customer journey. By partnering with each other, WinnowPro and MMG are able to provide our clients with unique opportunities and additional valuable marketing knowledge.

Is your business looking to improve your online advertising? Learn more about WinnowPro’s services and get started today. 

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