Get A Review Immediately After A Transaction

WinnowReviews is an engaging new way to get customer reviews through a simple text request to build social credibility.

Personalized for Auto Dealerships

WinnowReviews is integrated with eLeads and VinSolutions which makes it the preferred review generating portal for auto dealerships.

Harness the power of social proof to drive more traffic

Easily push your reviews to Google, Facebook, Yelp, and DealerRater to build a community of happy customers and persuade more leads toward your business.

Reviews Drive

How It Works

WinnowReviews sends a simple request to your customers and redirects them to our rating portal to leave either a positive or negative rating for your dealership.

Amplify Positive Reviews

Customers leaving a positive rating are encouraged to review your dealership on Google, Facebook, Yelp and DealerRater, increasing your overall score across platforms.

Redirect Negative Reviews For Remedial Action

Negative reviews get directed to the dealership as feedback for improvements.

Enhance your online reputation effectively

WinnowReviews requests reviews from credible and verified customers and keeps spammers at a distance.