Most Promising Google Marketing Company of 2020

December 20, 2020
Megan Thorp
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WinnowPro named "Most Promising Google Marketing Company of 2020"

CIOReview, a leading technology magazine, named WinnowPro as the Top Company for Most Promising Google Marketing Consulting/Services Companies of 2020.

The Reliance on Technologies for Stability

"We improve the effectiveness of digital marketing through the unique combination of human expertise and advanced technologies, specifically using AI." -David Saedi, CEO of WinnowPro

At the turn of the 21st century, marketing experienced a drastic transition that impelled organizations to switch gears, opening up a realm of endless possibilities through digital marketing.

With the introduction of Google AdWords and the launch of Facebook, businesses were exposed to marketing opportunities outside the legacy channels. As new marketing technologies became available to businesses, however, the rapid pace of expansion left most businesses without a roadmap for marketing success.

Read the full article on CIOReview.

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