20 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas for Car Dealerships

Alex Suprun
December 29, 2022

The biggest challenge car dealerships face with social media is churning out new post-ideas. Usually, their posts are restricted to images of the cars in their inventory. However, this makes their social media accounts extraordinarily dull and unengaging! If you are a car dealership facing this problem, we have the perfect solution for you! Here are 20 engaging social media post ideas for car dealerships that will help amp up your social media game, increase your followers, and eventually get you leads!

First Car Post

Make a post asking your followers to comment about their first car and memories of the same. Start by posting an emotion-evoking quote about first cars to attract your followers' attention. This also shows the dealership's human side, thus forming a certain level of trust between you and the potential customer. Interactive social media marketing posts like these indicate that you are interested in interacting with your followers and listening to their stories.

Introduce Your Employees

A majority of customers want to know all about your dealership before they think about visiting you. Remember that introducing your employees is the best thing you can do to build credibility. Take good pictures of your employees and dealership and post them on social media. You can also make videos of your employees, explaining their role, so your car business looks more approachable to potential customers. Ensure that the videos and posts reflect warmth and kindness so that the person watching them will want to visit your showroom.

Inventory Posts For Your Automotive Social Media

Inventory posts are something that all dealerships do. However, doing it right is essential! Don't post a random picture of your newest inventory with captions; that might not get you any engagement. Instead, take high-definition photos and videos of the vehicle. A walk-through video of the car's interior and exterior and unique features will bring you more engagement than ever. If, like most dealerships, your business also deals in pre-owned vehicles, you can post their pictures too.

Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews are compelling and essential. In fact, a whopping 98% of shoppers read reviews before they make a purchase. Keeping this in mind, use all the testimonials from your happy customers to post on your social media channels. If you still need to collect feedback from customers, start today! Get a standard template to use for all your testimonials to ensure uniformity. But before you post, make sure you get permission from your customers.

Event Posts & Media Content Ideas

If your dealership is hosting an event like a car show or fundraiser, post it on social media and share the timing of the event. This way, you can increase traffic and brand awareness at all your major yearly events.

Offer, Deals, or Specials  Social Media Content for Car Buyers

Have a battery change offer or a new promotional deal coming up? Use your social media to propagate it to the fullest! This will generate more traffic for your campaign. Use identical dealership social media promotional posts, and set a few dollars to advertise these offers. This will ensure that your page reaches other social media users.

Customer Vehicle Delivery Photos

While delivery photos are commonly used as social media posts, your car dealership's social media pages must have them too! However, make sure that you add a unique element to them. For instance, a delivery photo and the customer's experience with you or why they chose you can make all the difference.

Helpful Information for Car Buyers

You can write this as a post or make an FAQ video for customers interested in buying a car. This will not only help the customer trust you but also build your credibility. You can include some information in your posts or videos that will significantly help your customers, including -

  • Information related to car financing
  • When should you buy a car
  • Do's and don'ts of car exchange
  • What will happen if you buy a car and have bad credit
  • Whether you should get a car financed or buy it in one go

Behind the Scenes on Your Dealership

A dealership has a gamut of people running the show. You can feature some of the action during daily dealership activities. This "behind the scenes" content can also remove any apprehensions the dealer might have about your dealership.

DIY Tutorials

There are a few DIYs related to repairs that a customer can do from their homes. You can make videos to help your customers with any such DIYs. While this will allow you to showcase any spare parts your dealership might sell, the videos can contain information about how to change these parts.

Auto Memes

Many platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have interesting auto memes. You can use these memes to create engaging social media posts for your  pages.

Facility Tours of Car Dealership

Most people hate getting their car serviced or dislike visiting a dealership because it is confusing. You want to make sure your customers are satisfied when they come to your dealership. To help with this, you can make a social media video tour of your premises so that your customers learn and understand  about your premises when they visit your dealership.

Community Cross-Posting

You can contact small businesses and cross-promote on their platform and vice versa. If you join hands with a small business or welfare organization, you can post their social media content on your page. Similarly, the page you have collaborated with can share about your dealership on their social media as a thank-you gesture. This will not only help you gain followers but will also show that you care about the environment.

Industry News

The automotive industry is always buzzing with news. This industry news could be a great update for your automotive social media pages. Keeping your audience updated about what's happening is an excellent way to keep your audience engaged.

Go Live

Live video streaming is the newest way of spreading awareness, which is why even your dealership should take advantage of it. Whenever you want to unveil new cars, get great discounts, or host an event, you can go live and do it. This will give you instant credibility and will also increase your walk-ins.

Share Holiday-themed Content

Holiday-themed content, such as gift ideas from your dealership, including vouchers, striking parts, painting pens, etc., makes a splendid and engaging post idea for your dealership. Holiday content can give you a high amount of traction and help increase your sales.

Share Fun Facts or Trivia Related to the Dealership or the Car Industry

Another great way to drive social media engagement is to post car trivia. You can ask exciting questions about car parts, classic cars of a particular brand, and more!

Holiday Photos of Your Customers With New Cars

Run a contest on social media encouraging your customers to share their holiday pictures with the cars purchased from you. You can give them a free inspection or service coupon when they tag you on their social media pages. This will help you benefit from that customer's social media following, thereby giving you more customers.


If you want to interact with your customers or get their opinion about your next big launch, use the polls feature available on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Poll questions can be based on a particular car's colors, features, etc.

Share "How To" Articles

Another great post idea is to create "How To" articles on your blog site and then share them across your social media channels. For example, you can share themes such as how to select a vehicle for your family. These articles will pull traffic magnetically to your website and social media channels.

If you like these post tips but need more time to execute them, let us help you! Contact us today, and we'll create an engaging social media strategy for you.

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