A Look at How Advancements in Chatbot Technology Have Made Them More Appealing for Auto Dealerships

Anna Mayer
January 11, 2022

Auto dealerships have an incredible amount of competition. It’s not enough to simply offer a certain make or model of vehicle. Auto dealerships must stand out from the pack by offering exceptional customer service. Taking advantage of the latest advancements in chatbot technology can help dealerships in their pursuit of a better car buying experience for their customers. Today, we will look at some of the ways the latest advancements in chatbot technology are paying off for auto dealers savvy enough to take advantage of their benefits.

Improving Brand Awareness

During the research phase of a vehicle purchase, most potential car buyers are going to surf the Internet to find the best possible value for their car buying dollar. When they land on a website without a chatbot, there’s no one actively sharing about the dealership. Chatbots allow for an immediate alert that starts a conversation with a potential customer. This helps create a lasting impression, which helps with brand awareness. Websites that simply rely on their written content are going to have a much tougher time standing out. Modern chatbots also help capture a little bit of information about the wants and needs of the potential customer. As chatbot technology has improved, the conversation style of the bots has become a lot more natural. This natural dialogue can create a strong opportunity to capture potential leads.

Extend Your Operating Hours

The modern Internet user has grown accustomed to accessing the information they need whenever they want it. Auto dealerships without modern chatbot technology are unable to provide customers the type of service they expect outside of their typical office hours. Chatbot technology has been an incredible asset in the world of car dealership marketing because it allows dealerships to interact with potential customers 24/7. Those utilizing the internet in their research process are likely to visit during the late-night hours. The days of listening to automated call recordings asking prospects to leave a voicemail are over. Chatbots can capture a list of wants and needs as well as contact information for all prospects who find a dealership via the web.

Schedule Appointments Easier

The latest chatbot technology can direct conversations effectively and respond to common queries in a way that follows the flow of a normal conversation. Because chatbots are now emotionally intelligent, they can lead prospects down the proper sales funnel. When people want to schedule a test drive, they should be able to do it at their convenience. Chatbots can make it easier than ever to sync up with the calendars of automotive sales reps to ensure they are able to accommodate the time that works best for the prospect. Because information is automated, sales reps can read the full transcript of the chatbot conversation in real-time. No one wants to rehash what they just explained already. Arming sales reps with all the information they need to pick up the conversation right from where the chatbot left off is invaluable.

Advertise More Effectively

Chatbots can be programmed to meet the exact needs of the car dealership they represent. This can prove critical when dealerships are looking to promote a particular feature or a specific model that they have currently in stock in their inventory.

Increase Dealership Capacity

Finally, older chatbot models would have to make customers wait based on the volume of visitors on the website. The latest technology allows for hundreds of conversations to go on simultaneously. Car dealerships are able to expand their capacity to assist customers without having to drastically increase their headcount. This leads to huge savings that can be passed down to the workers at the dealership.

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