E-COMMERCE: 3 Must-Dos for Running Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

Megan Thorp
January 6, 2021

For the last decade, Facebook Ads have captivated the attention of digital marketers looking to boost sales, and this is especially true for e-commerce businesses.

Facebook Ads are primarily utilized to increase traffic to a website, landing page, or other digital mediums, to ultimately drive conversions for the business. With millions of active Facebook users, marketers have an opportunity to showcase their brand to a vast audience instantaneously — but selecting the right ad campaign components is challenging. Before you launch your next Facebook Ad campaign, here are three critical considerations for your e-commerce business. Leave it to the pros. At WinnowPro, Facebook Ad campaigns are driven by our AI-powered technology to deliver higher quality conversions for our clients.

1. Use Dynamic Product Ads to Remarket Your Products

With so many distractions on the web, a visitor’s decision-making power is primarily affected by which brands effectively manage to stay top-of-mind. Dynamic Ads are personalized ads automatically generated for customers who show interest in your products while visiting your website or other digital property. Use Case: A website visitor adds one of your products (e.g., a shirt) to their checkout cart but exits the website before finalizing their purchase. With Dynamic Facebook Ads, that website visitor would then see an ad for the same product when they login to Facebook. The purpose of Dynamic Ads is to compel potential customers to finalize their purchase through multiple touchpoints.

The Logistics

Facebook maintains a catalog of your products and services where the information, such as product name, images, pricing, and descriptions, etc., is stored based on the details you provide to Facebook. Marketers will then create templates that will automatically pull information from the catalog associated with user interests.

This saves marketers time from creating multiple ads for each product or service.

You can display multiple ads at the same time in the same place. It’s tremendously useful for marketers who wish to promote a wide range of products — and it’s one of the most effective ways to increase paid advertising conversions.

2. Use a Conversion Tracking Pixel

With a simple snippet of code, marketers can improve their understanding of consumer behaviors and develop strategies to engage with visitors based on their website activity. Facebook offers a tracking pixel, “Facebook Pixel,” which is a unique HTML code enabled in Facebook ads and embedded in everything from banners to checkout pages on a website. This code keeps track of the number and frequency of the website visits, visitor activities on the site, the visitor’s location, and the device used by the visitor. In other words, Facebook Pixels allow marketers to track conversions from Facebook ads, use that data to optimize campaigns, create lookalike audiences (see more information on Lookalike Audiences below), and drive more conversions. Without proper tracking analytics, the success of a paid ad campaign is impossible to decipher. Let the pros at WinnowPro strategize, launch, optimize, and track your next paid campaign to experience the real power of AI technology.

3. Find New Customers with Lookalike Audiences

With the information tracked from sources such as your Facebook Pixel, contact lists with emails and/or phone numbers, Facebook fans, etc., Facebook can create an audience of people similar to your existing or past customers in terms of demographics and interests referred to as a Lookalike Audience. Building lookalike audiences allows marketers to reach users who are most likely to be interested in the same products or services as existing customers based on a set of similar interests and behaviors. To create an effective lookalike audience, Facebook recommends uploading an initial customer list size of at least 1,000 contacts. Marketers should also remember to only use those existing customer profiles of which they want to attract and grow.

Launch Your Best Facebook Campaign Today

AsFacebook Ads maintain their relevance to businesses throughout the U.S., it is essential for marketers to continuously experiment with various ad campaign optimizations due to changing platform algorithms and customer engagements. Luckily, technology allows marketers to expedite the ad campaign management process with data-driven decisions, ultimately saving businesses time and money. With WinnowPro, businesses have access to experts in digital marketing, technology, and professional industries to ensure that all campaigns are fully monitored and optimized to generate maximum returns. With no ad-spend incentives and no long-term contracts, WinnowPro always prioritizes clients’ best interests.

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