How AI Simplifies Audience Building for Auto Dealerships

Megan Thorp

Auto dealerships are increasingly looking for more intuitive ways to attract customers. In the past, a simple advertisement in the Sunday newspaper might have been sufficient. However, in 2020, a dealership’s demographic is made up mostly of millennials who spend most of their time online; especially when looking for a new or used vehicle to purchase.

This means digital marketing — if not already a priority — is so critical to the success of your auto dealership. With that being said, the digital marketing process is complex and involves a wide range of tasks that need to be executed properly to see optimal results. One of these critical tasks is audience building.

When it comes to audience building for auto dealerships, there is no room for error. After all, targeting the wrong demographic can lead to wasted time and a poor ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to your digital advertising efforts.

Exploring Audience Building for Auto Dealerships

Audience building for auto dealerships is a straightforward concept. With that being said, it’s not easy to execute properly on your own. It starts with figuring out who your dealership’s demographic is in order to then build digital marketing strategies that speak to this audience specifically.

This involves a lot of market research, which can be time consuming depending on your dealership’s location, age, and types of vehicles you sell (new/used cars, specialty vehicles, specific car models, etc.). This is why it’s important to take a thorough look at your local competitors to get an idea of who they’re targeting with their digital marketing efforts.

Segmenting Your Audience by Creating Buyer Personas

Once you’ve figured out who it is your dealership will be targeting, it’s best practice to then split them up into segments. In doing so, you should create different buyer personas for your potential customers.

For example: one buyer persona could be the “first time parent”; a segment consisting of young individuals (ages 21–27) who have just welcomed their first child. With this life event, they’ll likely be looking to upgrade their vehicle size — perhaps to a minivan or SUV — to meet their needs. With this in place, you can then add real people to this buyer persona and create unique content in your digital advertisements that speaks to their needs.

Simplify the Audience Building Process with AI

As you can see, audience building for auto dealerships can be time consuming, which is why most choose to partner with a digital marketing agency. However, this can be a cost-prohibitive option. The better alternative is to utilize an AI-based solution like Winnow, which simplifies the entire digital marketing process.

Winnow utilizes AI to quickly analyze your business and your market to find the most relevant audience for your auto dealership. When manually done, the market research required to build the proper audience can take weeks. Thankfully, Winnow automatically does the research for you, providing data-driven audiences and digital marketing strategies quickly. Experience an end-to-end digital marketing solution — combining AI with industry expertise — by signing up for Winnow today!

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