WinnowPro Discusses How to Amplify Your Automotive Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Megan Thorp
July 20, 2021

In recent years, search engine marketing (SEM) has become one of the most popular strategies in online marketing. To fully understand why SEM has taken the marketing industry by storm, brands must first recognize the unique benefits SEM offers online businesses. When search engine marketing first became available in 2001, it allowed businesses to generate more online traffic and conversions from search engine results pages to their website. In the twenty years since search engine marketing was first developed, it has become an integral aspect of online business with more than 28% of search engine searches resulting in a product or service purchase.

For many years the automotive industry has relied on word-of-mouth to draw in new customers and increase quarterly sales. In order to compete in the online marketplace, however, dealerships and automotive brands must first develop a strong online presence using SEO. Today, WinnowPro provides one of the most unique and essential online marketing services within the automotive industry, thanks to its new competitive intelligence tool. WinnowPro’s competitive intelligence tools allow dealerships to reach a larger audience, transition leads to sales funnels, and improve customer retention through various technical touch-points. Although WinnowPro offers brands many services, including social media marketing, vin specific marketing, and geofencing marketing, search engine marketing remains one of their most-used services. Below, WinnowPro will share steps automotive brands can take to amplify their search engine marketing strategy, grow online visibility, and increase traffic to their dealership.

AI-Powered Ad Campaign Management

With Google’s upcoming end to 3rd Party cookies in 2022, it will become much more difficult for marketers to analyze campaigns and recognize if micro-targets are responding to specific 3rd party display ads. Luckily, AI marketing may help marketers avoid these upcoming analytical issues. To date, one of the greatest additions to the marketing industry has been artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been a boon to marketers and allowed for more effective marketing strategies, convert prospects, and data analysis. Through AI, online marketing campaigns can be optimized at scale across various sectors for micro-targets, including demographics, purchase behavior, and life stage, as well as KPIs that include site visits, app installs, and purchase/conversion. In addition to these advancements, AI has allowed marketers to rely on a new form of targeting message resonance.

Focus on Retargeting

One of the most essential and overlooked aspects of marketing is retargeting. Recent marketing surveys have found that 97% of website visitors who leave a website without buying any products or services will never return. Retargeting campaigns remind visitors of products and services after they leave a website and increase the likelihood of them returning and purchasing the brand’s products or services. However, retargeting is a long-term marketing strategy and must be continuously implemented in order for marketers to see results. If a website receives at least 100 monthly visitors, remarketing ads may be an excellent tool to increase sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. When implemented correctly, retargeting can help brands in a number of areas, including:

Promoting Bestsellers: Retargeting ads are a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to highlight top-selling products and increase conversions. Promoting popular items that have a proven track record with your target market can help increase ROI for ads and improve sales.

Introduce New Collections: Customers who have already shown an interest in your company or site are a great base to target when launching a new collection of automobiles. Unlike other ads such as banner ads, retargeting ads follow previous visitors through their online journey and help create a clear pathway back to your site.

Keyword Identification

Without proper keyword identification, even the most comprehensive and strategic search engine campaign will likely fail. However, while keywords may be the difference between a successful or failed funnel, very few marketers and business owners understand how to identify keywords and implement keyword SEO. When identifying keywords for your campaign or landing page, marketers and business owners must know what channels customers are using to search for products and services and then create a strategy using keywords to increase the likelihood that these customers will find your page.

Keyword Planning Tools: Thanks to data collection and integration tools like WinnowPro’s Competitive Intelligence Tool (CIT), businesses can enter their business website URL and learn in real time what keywords their competitors are using to drive traffic to their websites. Start building your competitive strategy with effective keywords via WinnowPro’s free CIT report - schedule your demo today.

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