Increase ROAS With End-to-End Paid Advertising Campaign Tracking

Megan Thorp
May 8, 2020

Return on Ad Spend (or ROAS) is a critical revenue-based metric that can help businesses gauge the effectiveness of their paid advertising campaigns. No matter what industry you’re in, what your business offers, or where you’re located, if you’re running paid ad campaigns, obtaining a positive ROAS is paramount.

Sadly, most small business owners out there struggle with ROAS and end up overspending on digital advertising with little to no results to show for it. If you want to increase the ROAS of your paid ad campaigns, you’ll need to implement the proper campaign tracking.

The Danger of Poor Paid Advertising Campaign Tracking

Tracking is a vague term many experts and digital marketing agencies throw around when selling you on their services. If you’re hiring an agency to run your paid campaigns, tracking will likely be one of their points of emphasis to help adjust your campaigns and increase ROAS.

Unfortunately, because agencies rely mostly on people — meaning they manually track your campaigns’ most important metrics — they oftentimes miss relevant data that could help your campaigns perform better. While agencies (the good ones anyway) may excel at creating great content for your ads, they can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to tracking and adjusting your campaigns efficiently; forcing your ROAS numbers to suffer.

Tracking Paid Advertising Campaigns The Right Way

When it comes to tracking, your business needs an end-to-end solution that can quantify your goal ROAS values. This can’t be accomplished by traditional digital marketing agencies, however, it is possible with a solution that utilizes AI, like Winnow Digital Marketing Services.

At Winnow, we combine our AI-assisted MarTech services with real digital marketing experts to provide a truly bullet-proof paid advertising solution. Unlike traditional agencies, Winnow has the ability to continuously learn, implement, test, and analyze the most important components of your paid advertising campaigns to deliver ROAS values.

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If you want to optimize your ROAS and ensure the success of your paid ad campaigns, Winnow is the ideal solution. Beyond providing end-to-end tracking, you’ll get robust performance reporting for each of your campaigns, along with improvement recommendations on an on-going basis.

With data behind every decision we make for your campaigns, you can rest assured knowing your ad spend is optimal for the results you’re looking to achieve; avoiding wasted spend. What’s more? You’ll get everything you’ll need to run the most successful campaigns including:

  • Campaign strategy creation
  • Audience profile building
  • Budget allocation
  • Digital advertising platform selection
  • Creative content development

…and more. As you can see, Winnow is truly an all-encompassing solution for businesses of any size. If you’re ready to simplify your digital marketing efforts, today!

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