SEO Tips to Help Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Quickly

Megan Thorp
October 8, 2020

Maintaining an online presence is crucial to staying relevant as a modern-day brand, and the better your target audience persona, the more likely you’ll attract new leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in whether your online presence increases your reach and converts sales. Unfortunately, boosting your website’s SEO can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially if you don’t know much about the metrics involved.

With so many SEO tips, it can be difficult to pinpoint the most important best practices to take advantage of. Here are some SEO tips to take to heart if you’re trying to boost your online visibility.

Free SEO Audit

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Content Is King

There’s a reason the adage “content is king” is still so popular. Companies can follow SEO best practices to a T, but they won’t get very far without high-quality content.

Your brand’s blog should contain a wealth of informative posts that add value to the user experience. Tackling relevant topics and making sure your writing is top-notch will help your site meet Google standards. If you use Wordpress, Yoast SEO is a great tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your writing. It will also help you leverage keywords.

When focusing on how your content factors into SEO, it’s important to note that duplicate content lowers your overall score. When planning your content for the month, make sure it isn’t redundant. Offer a variety of topics for your customers to read about.

Resolving Technical Issues

When it comes to scoring your website’s SEO, Google takes the user experience into account. This means any technical issues that might arise could negatively impact your website’s SEO.

Examples of problems you’ll need to resolve include slow loading times, broken links and images, and 404 errors. Basically, you’ll want to remove anything that could make a visitor give up and leave your page.

Setting Up Local Citations

Setting up local citations is another way to boost your company’s SEO. This means adding company details like address, phone number, hours, and more to websites, apps, and social platforms.

Not only does this give potential consumers more information about your company, but having a high number of citations boosts your SEO ranking. Accuracy and quality of your citations do play a role as well. Make sure all of your listings are up to date and completely filled out.

Reputation Management

Believe it or not, search engines like Google take your brand’s online reputation into account when scoring SEO. Much of your “reputation” is based on other factors listed here, like having accurate information and proper keyword usage.

But reviews also play a role in your reputation, so you’ll want to bring in those positive reviews if possible. Negative feedback is impossible to avoid completely, but by auditing your online presence you can push the positive responses to your brand to the forefront.

Making an effort to get your company listed on high-quality websites and encouraging engagement on social media are among the ways to do this. Make it clear that your brand has a solid relationship with other brands and customers.

Leveraging Analytics

If you’re hoping to boost your online presence by implementing SEO tips, you’ll want to track your website’s progress. Google Analytics can shine a light on which parts of your website need improvement. Additionally, it will reveal whether or not the changes you’re making are having an impact on your scoring.

Implementing SEO Tips

Now that you know where to start, take an audit of your online presence. Then determine which SEO tips you can benefit from implementing first. It’s always smart to work on content, as that will drive other aspects of SEO forward.

However, you’ll probably want to ensure your business listings are updated and your site’s backend is optimized first. List which SEO tactics are a priority for your brand, then get to work. When it comes to boosting your digital profile, there’s not another moment to lose!

Free SEO Audit

Need help with getting started? WinnowPro Digital Services offers free SEO audits for businesses just like yours. To receive your audit, simply send us an email to with the headline “Free SEO Audit” and include your business’s website URL in the email body. That’s it!

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