What Are Amazon Ads & Are They Right for Your Business?

Megan Thorp
October 15, 2020

If you’ve delved into digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of Google ads and Facebook ads before. Amazon ads, on the other hand, are a less-discussed realm of advertising.

But given how many consumers regularly frequent the e-commerce marketplace, taking advantage of this platform may benefit your brand. It all depends on what your company is selling and your marketing objectives.

So how do you know if Amazon ads are right for your business?

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What Are Amazon Ads?

If you’ve ever conducted a search on Amazon, you’ve likely come across Amazon ads before. Amazon ads are the sponsored products that appear at the top of your search results.

Essentially, advertisers looking to shine a spotlight on their items can pay for this increased visibility by bidding on keywords. When consumers type those keywords into the search bar, sponsored products will be among the top results.

Although these sponsored product ads are among the most commonly used, Amazon does offer other types of advertising. Product display ads are another popular method of getting products out there. These target consumers based on broader interests and past purchases, expanding reach beyond those searching for what you’re selling.

Amazon also offers headline search ads, which are cost-per-click banners, along with video ads and brand sponsored ads.

Should You Advertise on Amazon?

If your company sells a product that consumers are likely to search for on Amazon, investing in Amazon ads might be in your best interests.

Although Google remains the go-to search engine for services and information, consumers tend to search Amazon for merchandise. For example, someone shopping around for electronics is likely to browse through Amazon’s marketplace while shopping around.

Determining whether you should leverage Amazon ads comes down to establishing if your products are tangible items consumers would shop around for. Research suggests that advertising for consumer-packaged goods is moving from Google to Amazon. If that describes what you’re selling, it’s worth giving the platform a try — but don’t waste money guessing, turn to the advertising experts at Winnow to start strategically promoting your products on Amazon.

Google vs. Amazon

If your company is debating whether it would benefit from advertising on Google or Amazon, understanding the key difference between how consumers use each platform is key.

Amazon users tend to be closer to making a purchase than those searching via Google. This is because consumers tend to use Google for research, but they head to Amazon upon making decisions.

Since Amazon caters to customers ready to buy rather than browse, it is a useful platform for companies whose products are established. For example, if you’re selling microwaves, everyone knows what a microwave is.

They might search for one on Amazon, leading them straight to you. If you’re offering a lesser-known service, however, consumers may be less likely to look for that on Amazon. You’d want to boost information about the service through Google, then, so people can learn about your offering.

How to Get Started

If you’ve determined that Amazon ads are right for you, where do you begin? This guide can walk you through the process of creating each type of ad.

When it comes to first steps, however, there are some major areas your company should focus on. For one, you should research effective keywords in your market and pinpoint your target audience.

Coming up with solid creative, covering both copy and imagery, is also critical to success. And, of course, experimenting and tracking progress is the bread and butter of any ad campaign. Once you get started, you’ll determine what works through trial and error.

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