5 (More) Tips to Increase Your Organic Social Media Following

Megan Thorp
November 19, 2020

Welcome back! In our last edition of How to Grow an Organic Social Media Following For Your Business, we highlighted on the fundamentals of brand guidelines and target audiences. This release will dive into the next tier techniques of organic social media growth.

1- Collaboration with Influencers

Whether you are a new or established business, influencer marketing can be an effective method for increasing your following and engagements. But how do businesses find the right influencers for their brand? First, brands must determine the quality of an influencer’s marketing capabilities and alignment with the brand’s objectives.

There are a few ways to connect with influencers depending on your offering. One of the most cost-efficient approaches is consistently resharing and engaging with the influencer’s content by staying top-of-mind. An alternative option is to approach the influencer and ask them to promote your brand’s products, services, or offer.

2- Utilize Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are no longer an option, and not all hashtags are created equal. Consider allocating 1–2 hours per week to researching hashtags aligned with your social objectives and attracting the right target audience.

Need help defining your target audience? Visit Winnow Digital Marketing to learn how AI-powered data insights are leveraged in all organic content strategies.

3- Experiment with Polls

Whether you post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, there are various polling tools you can share in your weekly posts to collect audience feedback — and make your future post more engaging! Although some social platforms do not offer polling tools, simply sharing content in a question-based format can still generate engagements among your audience.

4- Leverage Contests & Incentives

Let’s be real — most people like to win games and, most notably, when it includes incentives. Whenever you develop contests with incentives, make sure that they meet your company’s objectives and provide value to your audience. When your content and contests speak to your audience’s needs, people will organically gravitate towards and engage with your brand.

5- Consistent Follow Up

When your posts start generating engagement, be sure your business has real-time alerts in place to engage with users right away. Whether your brand responds to questions, comments, or reviews — providing a timely response will generate more engagements over time.

The Power of AI

While some of the tips mentioned above will have a greater impact on more businesses than others, all businesses need an organic social media strategy that speaks to their audience(s). Instead of relying on assumptions and out-dated social trends, consider a solution that uses real-time data and expertise to customize and optimize your organic content strategy. Visit Winnow Digital Marketing or contact for a complimentary Winalysis Audit to uncover new growth opportunities for your social media channels.

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