How to Grow an Organic Social Media Following For Your Business

Megan Thorp
November 19, 2020

There was a time when social media was a casual way to stay in touch with friends and family, but today, social media serves a greater purpose. It is now an essential source for branding and marketing for businesses. However, it is anything but simple.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is not about generating content for the sake of keeping the lights on. Instead, businesses must strive to go above and beyond traditional content to create innovative content that encourages social sharing and engagement.

What is Organic Social Media Following?

Organic Social Media Following is an effective approach to growing your followership across social media channels without paid advertising campaigns, provided you are implementing the right content strategies that make real impacts with your audiences.

Do you need help building content strategies for maximum engagements? Learn how Winnow Digital Marketing uses real-time data to create organic social media strategies for optimal performance results.

Without real-time data and strategic positioning, it is nearly impossible to implement a long-term content strategy for social. With social media’s ever-evolving algorithms, emerging platforms, and changes to consumer buying behaviors — creating a ‘winning strategy’ can be overwhelming.

To help grow your followership and engagement rates, the strategists at Winnow Digital Marketing have a few tips to get your business booming:

1- Follow Brand Aesthetics

Ensure that your branding guidelines are clearly defined before building your organic content strategy. All social media channels should have similar aesthetics to ensure visitors have the optimal customer experience across platforms. Whether it is setting your company logo as the profile picture or adding your business slogan to the header, all visuals should meet the colors, fonts, and formats as outlined in your branding guidelines.

When you start your business, the first thing you do is establish your company branding. That means all your social media accounts must reflect that branding. Set your company logo as the display picture and incorporate your brand colors where it makes sense. You have to keep everything cohesive so that your brand is easily distinguishable amongst the audience.

2- Know Your Audience

How do you define your real target audience(s)? Is it based on data or assumptions? Many businesses fail to increase organic engagements because their messaging to target audiences is not the messaging that resonates with their actual audiences. What’s more? After you determine the right messaging, you still need to determine where your audience engages with your brand and what products or services they are most interested in purchasing.

First things first, use data to define your audience. Determine what those users want to know — and deliver it on time. Although easier said than done, Winnow Digital Marketing can help you by leveraging our AI-powered technology to offer insights into your target audience. Contact us today to learn more.

3- Determine Channel Optimizations

Each platform has its way of messaging. Twitter is known for sharing real-time content and news update, but not everything you tweet on Twitter is applicable on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind about social channel optimizations:

Facebook: Utilize Facebook to showcase your brand aesthetic and company culture, including corporate events. You can also share your industry-related blogs, branded articles, and special promotions.

Instagram: Prioritize creativity because this platform is all about the visuals. Post pictures and videos of your products, team members, and special events.

Twitter: You can post your guest-contributed articles, performance statistics, how-to guides, company events, product launches, and industry-related updates.

LinkedIn: Keep it professional. You can get artistic with infographics and images, but LinkedIn will be the go-to platform for industry-related content. Consider sharing educational content, product promos, guides, job postings, and gated content.

Want more tips for growing your organic social media following? Check out five more tips in our recent blog release.

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